The Band


Marc Pfeuti

Mischa Castiglioni

Luciani Filippo

Micha Wernli


The Story of Gonzo


Gonzo was founded in 1989 and during the same year they started their, lets call it first musical Endeavours.  This is why they are having the big 20th anniversary Gonzo bash.



Gonzo’s music has always been inspired by bands which at some time or other have been considered more or less none-mainstream. The first jolt came from the Seattle-grunge scene, namely Pearl Jam. Other influences include Stone-Rock, Pink Floyd and, so called, alternative bands such as Radiohead, Kashmir and Motorpsycho. Therefore Gonzo’s songs often tend to be rather longer than the standard radio-edit pop song.


Gonzo’s music has received favourable reviews from music fans and critics alike. However, they have not been blessed with any real commercial success. Their biggest achievements so far, have been concerts in well known venues as the support act of well- known bands (such as Secret Machines in the Abart Zürich) and several appearances on stage in Prague.

After recording a semi-professional demo, Gonzo released their first CD/LP „Zeal“ in 2004. The album was recorded over a period of several weeks in a former barn, which had been converted in to a recording studio. The band worked together with professional sound engineers and guest musicians.


Gonzo have had their fair-share of hard-times too. The loss of their rehearsal room in the middle of a particularly creative period came as a bitter blow. Then, soon after finding a new home another disaster followed. Their new room was hit by a flood, which damaged both equipment and moral. But the boys refused to be defeated and lived on to play and record another day!


Now dry again, Gonzo are currently working on new songs and recordings.


After twenty years  Gonzo’s lineup remains the same (almost!): Marc Pfeuti (drums), Filippo Luciani (vocals & guitar), Mischa Castiglioni (bass & b.voc.)  Micha Wernli (guitar, keybords & b.voc.).